The Graf-Zeppelin-Haus is a unique architecture, culture and congress center that offers space for up to 1,500 people with four halls and another seven or nine conference rooms. The affiliated gastronomy with a restaurant, a café with a panoramic terrace and a beer garden offers first-class service, while the guest enjoys the view of the lake and marina.
Bregenz Festival – is a cultural festival that takes place annually in July and August in the Vorarlberg state capital Bregenz in Austria. The main attraction for a large number of visitors on the world's largest floating stage is the "game on the lake". The festival is known for the beauty of the natural backdrop of Lake Constance, oversized stage sets and unique acoustics.
Fischbach Bahnhof – is the cultural meeting point at Lake Constance.

In Friedrichshafen, in the Fischbach district, there is a very special train station. Trains still stop here, but the historic building has been the "stop for gastronomy and culture" on Lake Constance for decades. The quaint train station offers its guests a unique atmosphere for dining, drinks or cultural events.